Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back to blogging!

So after two false starts i'm giving this another go. Once again I have plenty of intentions regarding this blog, and hopefully this time some of them will actually be realised.

Its been a long time since the last post, and I've done plenty of work on my Tomb Kings since then. They're at an awkward stage where they are almost finished, they can be used on the table top and look nice, but there is plenty of fiddly highlighting and stuff to do, and honestly I don't know when i'll get around to doing that. This is a side effect of having to rush the army through for some tournaments, and just generally not managing my time well enough. A lot of the models were rushed up to a tabletop standard, as I'd made commitments to take the army to the ETC and couldn't exactly back out of that one and take another army. The wisdom of taking Tomb Kings to the ETC is another matter, and I will cover that in another post.

So now that the ETC is done for the year I have started a new project. The pace of army books this year has been really crazy, which is a great thing. That said it also has me struggling to keep up, I have a WoC army, a Daemon army, a HE army and a DE army (sounds like they're up next). Along with those I've been wanting to redo my lizards for a long time, as they were one of my very first armies. Ideally as each book came out I'd have liked to play with each army, but so far I still haven't played a game using the new daemons, nor the new high elves. I have used the WoC a few times as my WoC army is quite extensive and required minimal new models to use.Tourney results with them have been good, I took out ConVic in June which is the biggest fantasy tournament in Victoria, and had a few other strong results.

Now however it is Lizard time, bigtime. Since getting back from Europe less than a month ago I have purchased almost an entire army.  I'm a huge fan of the new book as it has brought a bit of balance to the lizards, particularly with the toning down of the Slann. I've always enjoyed the Lizardmen fluff and models, and now that I can actually paint with some degree of competence I'm hoping to paint up a really nice looking army. My old lizards were some of the first models I painted, and they suck, like really really suck.

But yeah I'm not even all talk about this project! I've been doing some painting during the last week and have finished my first little cohort of skinks along with a Kroxigor.

Ignore the movement tray, it is a leftover from when I was using Wood Elves and just happened to be a nice size...
Ignore the movement tray, it is a legacy from when I was using Wood Elves and just happened to be about the right size.

Obviously the basing hasn't been done, I'm still deciding exactly how I'm going to approach that. I've very happy with how they've turned out though and I've already started the next batch. Eventually these guys will become a unit of 24 skinks with 3 kroxigor in them, hence painting them in groups of 8 skinks. 10 would make more sense if they were skirmishers, and that will probably be what I do when I get to that stage.

At the moment I am investigating airbrushing and that sort of thing. Every model in the army needs to be basecoated in Liche Purple which means doing it by hand seems a bit inefficient. I've not used an airbrush before however so we'll see how that goes.

That's it for this post then, hopefully I will have one up in the next few days with another 8 skinks to flesh out this unit, after that I'm not sure if I'll finish the unit off or start on something like my Temple Guard or some Ripperdactyls.

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