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Australian Masters 2014 List Analysis (p2)

This is a continuation of yesterdays post about the Australian Masters lists. If you haven't seen the run down of the first half of the lists you can check it out here.

So onto the second half:

Mick Ferraro – High Elves - 10.7
Prince, heavy armour, Giant Blade, Shield of Merwyrm 221
Archmage, Level 4, High Magic, Dispel Scroll, Khaines Ring of Fury, Talisman of Presveration, 315
Noble, shield, BSB, Armour of Destiny 147
20 Archers, Musician, Champion 220
13 Archers, Musician 140
5 Reavers, Bows 95
6 Silverhelms, shields, Musician 148
15 White Lions, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon 275
23 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Razor Standard 420
Bolt Thrower 70
Bolt Thrower 70
Eagle 50
Flamespyre Phoenix 225

Basically this is a fairly typical High Elf list. On paper it doesn't look ridiculously strong, but all the units work together pretty well, and it has a presence in all phases of the game. While not dominating any one phase, if played well this list will be pretty dangerous and chip away at people all game before mopping up in the latter phases. 

For me this list is what Marc Hurwitz wanted to write, he just didn't quite get there. His Pheonix Guard (and all three characters) are going to permanently have a 3+ ward, and the presence of the Giant Blade wielding Prince adds much needed damage output to the army.The High mage adds excellent flexibility of spells which will help in all match ups, and the resilience of the White Lions with the Banner of the World Dragon will mean they should get to combat with decent numbers despite their small starting size. 

Nathan Goodchild - Orcs and Goblins 11.7
Orc Shaman, level 4, earthing rod, Obsidian Lodestone 270
Nigh Goblin Big Boss, BSB 55
Goblin Shaman, Dispel Scroll 80
Night Goblin Boss, Great Weapon 34
Night Goblin Boss, Great Weapon 34
Night Goblin Boss, Great Weapon 34
38 Night Goblins, full command, Nets, Shortbows, 2 Fanatics 239
39 Night Goblins, Nets, 2 Fanatics, Shortbows, full command 242
5 Wolf Riders, Standard, Muso, Shields, Spears 80
5 Wolf Riders, Standard, Muso, Shields, Spears 80
18 Black Orcs, Standard, Muso, Banner of Discipline 251
Wolf Chariot 50
Wolf Chariot 50
Wolf Chariot 50
Boar Chariot 85
Boar Chariot 85
Boar Chariot 85
Spear Chukka 35
Spear Chukka 35
Rock Lobba 85
Doom Diver 80
Doom Diver 80
Mangler 65
Mangler 65
Pump Wagon, Spiky Roller, Giant Exploding Spores 75
Pump Wagon, Spiky Roller, Giant Exploding Spores 75

There is a lot going on in this list. 17 deployment drops worth of stuff even. This is a list of potential, at its best it will have high shooting and magic damage output, be able to chaff up opponents all game and finish things off by running them over with chariots. With a LD 8 general and 17 "small" units that can cause panic tests though things could get a bit interesting in the opponents shooting and magic phases. The good news is that the General and BSB can hang out in the immune to psychology black orcs, but that isn't going to help the rest of the army. Obsidion Lodestone is a good choice on the mage lord, but probably isn't going to be enough to stop the BSB getting sniped off, however the lack of death magic in the field will help considerably.

A pretty luck dependant army that still needs to be played well. If the good games occur while Nathan is using the list he could go far in the tournament, but you never know how it will go with a list like this.

Nick Gentile – High Elves - 8.1
Prince, Giant Blade, Dawnstone, Dragonhelm, Dragon Armour, Barded Steed, Shield 285
Archmage, Lvl 4 Metal, Book of Ashur 290
Noble, Battle Standard, Ogre Blade, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone, Barded Steed 172
12 Silver Helms, full command, Shileds 306
5 Ellyrion Reavers 80
21 Archers, musician, standard 230
21 White Lions, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon353
6 Dragon Princes, Standard, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame 204
Repeater Bolt Thrower 70
Repeater Bolt Thrower 70
Repeater Bolt Thrower 70
6 Sisters of Avelorn 84
6 Sisters of Avelorn 84
Eagle 50
Eagle 50

Unsurprisingly given its score of 8.1 this is one of the strongest lists in the tournament. The combat characters combine to make a pretty fearsome combat block, the White Lions offer more of the same, and the list backs these up with strong shooting and magic. What will determine the fate of this list is the way it's opponents elect to play the game. Given their boost of on average 362 victor points per game some players could elect to sit back, aim for a draw (roughly) and take their points to the bank. This is likely to help neither player, Nick has intelligently put in enough long range damage output to deter people from this strategy, as he would probably grind enough points back over 6 turns to stop his opponents winning if they employ this strategy.

Another army that will likely be strong late in the tournament, a strong sealed section from Nick could set him up for a competitive finish.

Nick Legrand - Dark Elves - 11.1
Hellebron (General), Witchbrew 310
Supreme Sorceress, Level 4, Lore of Dark Magic, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation 265
Death Hag, Battle Standard Bearer, Cauldron of Blood, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Cry of War, 345 
Master , Dark Steed, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armour, Shield, Lance, Cloak of Twilight 146
Master , Dark Steed, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armour, Charmed Shield, Lance, Dragonbane Gem 104
22 Witch Elves, Full command, Razor banner 317
9 Dark Riders, Reaper xbows, Shields, Full command 210
5 Dark Riders,Shields, 85
8 shades 128
5 harpys 75
18 Executioners, Full command 246
Reaper Bolt Thrower 70
Reaper Bolt Thrower 70

Despite a clear bias against forces of destruction in swedish comp (read the ridiculous comp on DE, Warriors and Daemons for example) Nick has written a pretty damn good list. Almost nothing in the tournament (if anything at all) will be able to take the Witch Elves with Hellbron and the Cauldron, and a lot of Nick's games will revolve around trying to get that unit into the right position. 

With a pretty low model count this list is going to be vulnerable to shooting. If Nick's opponents can take out the Bolt Throwers and shades early they'll potentially just be able to just take game control and spend the rest of the games shooting Witch Elves and executioners.

Rhys McGlinn – Warriors of Chaos -11.2
Chaos Lord, Disc of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation 340
Chaos Sorceror Lord, Charmed Shield, Mark of Nurgle Dragonbane Gem Lore of Death 255
Exalted Hero, BSB, Daemonic Mount (barded), Mark of Tzeentch, Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny, Scaled Skin 271
Exalted Hero, Daemonic Mount (barded), Mark of Tzeentch, Dragonhelm, Great Weapon, Talisman of Endurance 216
24 Warriors of Chaos, Mark of Nurgle (with halberds), Full Command, Halberds, Shields, Banner of Swiftness, 525
5 Chaos Warhounds, Vanguard 40
5 Chaos Warhounds, Vanguard 40
Chimera, Regenerating Flesh, 245
Chimera, Regenerating Flesh, 245
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, Two Hand Weapons 220

Pretty similar to Chris Cousens' list with a couple of minor changes. Has opted for a bigger unit of WoC in core rather than a smaller unit and some marauders. Also elected for a shaggoth rather than a unit of skullcrushers. The biggest change is putting the lore of death on the sorcerer, which could completely change some match ups with snipes and purple sun. Has enough fast stuff to overwhelm some of the medium shooting armies, results will likely depend on how much of his army reaches the opponent intact.

Rowan Keating - Wood Elves - 12.5
Orion 600
Spellsinger, Level 2, Death, Elven Steed, Dispel Magic Scroll 150
Spellsinger, Level 2, Death, Elven Steed, Obsidian Amulet 155
Glade Captain, Battle Standard Bearer, Starfire Shafts, Elven Steed, Hail of Doom Arrow 144
10 Glade Guard, Standard Bearer, Musician, Trueflight Arrows 170
12 Glade Guard, Standard Bearer, Musician, Trueflight Arrows 200
5 Glade Riders, Musician, Hagbane Tips 120
5 Glade Riders, Musician, Hagbane Tips 120
3 Warhawk Riders 125
5 Wardancers 75
6 Sisters of the Thorn, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Swiftness 191
6 Wild Riders, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields 188
5 Waywatchers 100
Eagle 50

Orion at the national masters? I love it already. Couple of cheeky death snipers to go with it, noice! Rests of the list is pretty standard, it runs round, it shoots things, it doesn't get particularly involved in actually playing the game. This list could absolutely take apart a few of the other elf lists but quickly neutralizing shooting and then playing the avoidance game, but might struggle against some of the lists with artillery where Orion becomes a fairly obvious target. Lack of Wild Riders might stop this list breaking open games, but if Rowan can get some big scores in the sealed section this list will stand him in good stead on the second day.

Sam Morgan - Empire - 11.0
Karl Franz, Ghal Maraz, Barded warhorse 394
Captain of the Empire, BSB, Barded warhorse, White Cloak of Ulric, lance , full plate armour, shield 166
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Death 125
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Lore of Death 100
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Lore of Death 100
12 Inner Circle Knights, champion, standard, musician, Ranger's Standard 380
13 Archers, musician, standard 111
13 Archers, musician, standard 111
4 Demigryph Knights 232
5 Reiksguard Knights, champion, musician 155
5 Reiksguard Knights, champion, musician 155
Great Cannon 120
Great Cannon 120
Celestial Hurricanum 130

A clever list with some interesting potential, I'm really not sure how this will go. Having played precisely 0 tournaments with Empire up until this point Sam won't be bringing a great deal of experience along with him, and the few times I've played empire they've been more difficult to use than I expected. The potential is there though, with up to 5 death snipes available to him per turn and a couple of cannons for Sam to pick up points from range fairly quickly.

My concern with this list is the singly Demigryph unit aside nothing here actually kills units. If some armies can avoid the Demigryph and get stuck into the Knights then Sam could find himself in a bit of trouble. Reiksguard congas will come in handy to help prevent this, and for Sam the games will be about keeping his Demigryphs in between the opponent and the rest of his army.

Yordan Petrovski - Warriors of Chaos - 10.5
Daemon Prince Mark of Slannesh Flight Chaos Armour 4 Magic Levels (Slannesh) Chaos Familiar Scaled Skin Soul Feeder Dragon bane Gem Sword of Striking Charmed Shield 520
Exalted Hero, Mark of Tez, Great Weapon,Deamonic mount, Barding, Tal of Endurance, BSB, Third Eye, Dragon Bane Helm, Iron Curse Icon 256
Exalted Hero, Mark of Slannesh, Talisman of Protection, Steed of Slannesh, Enchanted Shield, Alure of slannesh 205
24 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Tez, Shields, Muso & standard, Banner of Swiftness 443
5 Marauder Horseman, Mark of Slannesh, Throwing Axes 85
5 Marauder Horseman, Mark of Slannesh, Throwing Axes 85
8 Chaos Ogres, Great Weapons, Muso, Mark of Nurgle 370
5 Hell Striders, Hellscourges 100
4 Skull Crushers, Lances, Muso & Standard 328

Despite his perceived struggles with writing a list under Swedish comp Yordan has managed to field a pretty good list. He'll give up a few victory points each game from comp, but the character section of this list is packing serious heat. If Yordan puts on his YOLO hat and plays for an aggressive choir he could 20 any list in the field, and even if the spell fails there aren't that many units that really want to fight the DP. 

Will want to avoid the artillery lists for obvious reasons, and will have to play smart against bolt thrower lists, but if he do just that he's halfway to a good result.

So that's all the lists covered. In the next couple of days I'm probably going to look at the first round match ups and put my thoughts down on how I think they will play out. Overall I think my favorite list is Alex Trebles, although Sam Morgan and Mick Ferraro both have good all-round lists with the potential to do well.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Australian Masters 2014 List Analysis (p1)

In this post I'm going to go over all the lists being used at this years Australian Masters. The Masters is an awesome invitational event that gets run at the end of the year to reward players who finish strongly in the national rankings. It serves as both a contest to determine the "Master" or best player for the year as well as a celebration of a good year of gaming. This can create an interesting paradox of people playing as hard as possible and going to win while simultaneously getting outrageously drunk and having an amazing time.

This year is the first time since my debut in 2009 that I won't be able to attend the masters, which makes me a sad panda. Being stuck overseas watching all the #hype for this year is lame, so I'm going to try and get in on it. I'm going to do a run down of all the lists (this post) then later on I'll probably go through all the first round match ups and see if I can pick a winner.

So onto the lists!

Alex Treble - Lizardmen - 12.1
Slann Mage Priest, BSB, Standard of Swiftness, Harmonic Convergence, Reservoir of Eldritch Energy, Soul of Stone, Focus of Mystery, Book of Asur, Egg of Quango 550
Saurus Scar Veteran w/ GW, LA, Cold One , Dawnstone, Dragonhelm 145
Skink Chief w/ Spear, LA, Terradon, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem 89
Skink Chief w/ Spear, Terradon, LA, Charmed Shield, Luckstone 89
Skink Priest (Beasts magic), Dispel Scroll 90
10 Skink Skirmishers (Jav/Shield) 70
10 Skink Skirmishers (Jav/Shield) 70
10 Skink Skirmishers (Jav/Shield) 70
12 Skinks w/ Musician, Standard, Kroxigor 130
12 Skinks w/ Musician, Standard, Kroxigor 130
12 Skinks w/ Musician, Standard, Kroxigor 130
Bastilodon, solar engine 150 
38 Temple Guard w/ Full Command razor standard 607
Salamander 80

This is a very tough list, and could well be one of my favorite lists of the event. Alex has enough chaff that he should be able to control the game, and not a lot of units are going to be able to take on those Temple Guard in a straight up fight. Alex caters to the prevalence of elf armies in the competition by having a Bastilodon, meaning he can threaten with several strong magic missiles each turn, particularly after swapping out a spell (such as a first turn Tempest) for Fireball.

If Alex misplays his chaff or loses it cheaply the Temple Guard might be liable to being combo charged by a large number of units, but this would require a mistake on his part. Particularly tough characters could also give this list issues, particularly if they can avoid arcane unforging.

What makes this list so good though is that it is perfect for grinding out 13-14 point wins on the top tables. If Alex shuts up shop and doesn't take risks its going to be exceptionally difficult to take points off him. If Alex can perform strongly in the sealed section (importantly occurring in games 2 an 3 this year) he will be in a position where he can grind out the small-medium wins on the top tables with his own list and potentially take out the event.

Ben Leopold - High Elves - 13.0
Alith Anar: General 250
Eltharion: Life magic 295
Korhil 150
Caradryan 170
Noble: Battle Standard, Armour of Caledor, halberd 147
Mage: Dispel Scroll, Metal magic 110
13 Archers: Standard, Musician 150
12 Archers: Standard, Musician 140
8 Silver Helms: Full Command, shields 214
5 Reavers: Standard, Musician 100
19 White Lions: Full command, Banner of Swiftness 292
Frostheart Phoenix 240
Repeater Bolt Thrower 70
Repeater Bolt Thrower 70

Ben has been to the masters before and performed quite strongly with a 3rd place finish in 2011. Not sure that is going to happen again this year, because this list is a bit all over the place. I'm not entirely surprised that Ben has this kind of list. Qualifying at rank 20 or so due to multiple declined invites Ben likely wasn't expecting to play masters and has just taken something for shits and giggles. I did exactly the same thing in Sydney 2010 when I got invited at rank 23, rocking an appallingly bad tomb king list under the old book (in 8th ediiton). The difference between Ben and I is that my list got resubbed and his hasn't.

 That said I'm not sure the list is as terrible as people have made out. It has an okay shooting phase with the Bolt Throwers and Alith Anar, and the white lion bus with the characters won't be the worst thing in combat. The problem is that while Ben has shooting, magic and CC elements to his army he isn't particularly strong in any phase. The player using this list will really have to know what they are doing to make it work, and absolutely no one will be wanting to draw this list in the sealed section.

Chris Cousens - Warriors of Chaos - 12.3
Chaos Lord, Disc of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Ogre Blade 340
Exalted Sorceror, Mark of Tzeentch,Lore of Tzeench 250
Exalted Hero, Talisman of Endurance, Dragonhelm, Great Weapon, Barded Daemonic Steed, Mark of Tzeentch, 216
Exalted Hero, Daemonic Steed, Battle Standard, Dawnstone, Scaled Skin, Charmed Shield, Ironcurse Icon, great weapon, mark of tzeench 241
15 Warriors of Chaos, Mark of Tzeentch, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness 300
24 Marauders, Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command 222
5 Marauder Horsemen, Mark of Slaanesh, Shields 80
Chimera, Regenerating Flesh 245
Chimera, Regernrating Flesh 245
3 Skullcrushers, Ensorcelled Weapons, Musician, Standard, Gleaming Pennant 259

The Egg himself Christopher Cousens. Chris clamed to have single handedly broken Swedish v1.14 in the lead up to the event (along with about 15 other people), and while I'm not sure if this is entirely the case the list has some undeniable strength to it. This list is surprisingly flexible, Chris has the option of running all of the characters seperate to saturate the board with strong single models, or he can put the exalted into the Chaos Warriors and create a more powerful hammer unit backed up by some ranks. 

The lack of cannons is going to undoubtedly help Chris, and if he goes for an alpha strike he should be able to overwhelm the medium level shooting that a lot of the lists have. A big danger for Chris though is losing his general. While he is fairly well protected with a 3+ ward if he does go down early then panic and the like could really take its toll.

Chris' opponents will need to be super careful in zoning out all the fast elements of Chris' list. One mistake could lead to Chris breaking the game open, which will probably lead to an excellent score for the egg.

Chris is a definite chance to take out the event, particularly given his formidable record in the sealed section in past events.

Haig McLisky - Orcs and Goblins 12.1
Black Orc Warboss 5+ ward, dwarf basher, enchanted shield, other trickers shard 260
Savage Orc Shammy Lvl 4, Fencers Blades, Shrunken Head, Dragonbane Gem 296
Savage Orc Bigboss BSB, MR 1, GW 119
Night Goblin Shammy Lvl 2, Scroll, Iron Curse 115
Goblin Big Boss Wolf, la, shield, dragonhelm, shrekin Blades, potion of fool hardiness,bow 78
Savage Orc Big Uns 23 with Full command and extra H/W 288
Night Goblins 23 with f/c, 2 x fanatics 149
Arrow Boys 10 Boys with Banner 80
Wolf Boys 5 with Banner, muso, shields, la, bows, spears 85
Black Orcs 18 with Full command , shields and Banner of Discipline 284
Wolf Chariot 50
Wolf Chariot 50
Orc Chariot 85
Orc Chariot 85
Stone Thrower 85
Doom Diver Doom 80
Doom Diver Doom 80
Mangler Squig 65
Mangler Squig 65

Last years master Haig has turned up the same list this year as he did last year. I guess if it isn't broke then don't fix it, but a little more imagination and fantasy would be appreciated. This list will defend and chaff up the board, Haig knows what he's doing and will make it difficult for people to get at his Savage block. May struggle a bit more this year due to the prevalence of elves, who will be able to nullify the manglers and chaff fairly easily as well as hunt down warmachines. A decent list by all measures but I don't think it will have the same success as last year.

Jamie Payne - Bretonnians - 15.6
Bretonnian Lord, general, steed, shield, virtue of heroism, sword of swift slaying, dragonbane gem, gromhil great helm 234
Bretonnian Lord, virtue of the joust, siriennes locket, dragonhelm, potion of speed, lance, shield, pegasus 264
Paladin, steed, bsb, enchanted shield, dawnstone, gauntlet of the duel 119
paladin, steed, lance, charmed shield, luckstone, holy icon 128
Damsel, level 2 beasts, scroll, steed 140
Damsel, level 2 beasts, falcon horn, steed 160
12 knights of the realm, full commad, war banner 337
12 knights errant, full command, banner of discipline 276
8 knights errant, full command 181
5 mounted yoeman, shields, champion 94
5 mounted yoeman, champion 89
3 pegasus knights, full command 192
Trebuchet 90
Trebuchet 90

As one of the best players in the country Jamie is always going to be a contender for the title, he narrowly lost out last year and since then has lifted his game another level, winning more than 50% of the tournaments he entered. A debut at the ETC will have only further developed his game, making him a very formidable opponent.

That said I'm not sure about the list. It has many things that a typical aggressive Bretonnian list normally has, but Jamie has pitched it at a strangely high comp score given the cap is at 13. Perhaps he thought he was submitting his list for cancon, or he's just not worried by anyone else in the field.

I think he's going to struggle to keep up with some of the faster armies at the event, although clever use of the falcon horn may help. Jamies is a good enough player that he'll still undoubtedly do well with this list, and it has the advantage of being quite flexible which is always important in the masters environment.

Given the field Jamie probably would have been better off with a lvl4 life mage. Swedish doesn't allow a look out sir for Dwellers, and there are a lot of S3 or 4 characters running around, as well as some fairly large units. Life would help him against Alex Treble's Lizardmen, which is currently an absolute horror match up for this list.

Marc Hurwitz – High elves - 12.9
Archmage, Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation, Scroll of Shielding, Lore of Heavens 280
Noble, BSB, Armour of Destiny, Halberd 147
Mage - High Magic, Dispel Scroll, level 2 145
15 Seaguard, shields, standard, Muso 200
10 Archers, muso 110
10 Archers, muso 110
5 Ellyrian reavers, bow and spear, muso 105
5 Ellyrian reavers, bow and spear, muso 105
15 White lions, standard, muso 215
20 Pheonix Guard, Champion, Muso, Razor banner 375
5 shadow warriors 70
Flamspyre 225
Great Eagle 50
Great Eagle 50
Bolt Thrower 70
Bolt Thrower 70
5 Sisters of avalon 70

Marc is another Masters first timer, having qualified off the back of some strong results in NSW. He's gone for a lot of smaller units with a pair of medium sized infantry units at the core of his army. The Pheonix guard will be a tough nut to crack for many opponents, but I fear the list lacks the combat damage output required to be successful. Heavens is an interesting lore, but probably not the most effective in the field. The lack of static gunlines reduces the effect of comet, and much of harmonic convergences strength is wasted on elves.

The main problem as I see it is that the list only has three close combat units, none of which are particularly dangerous. Flamespyre pheonixes are at best a glorified great eagle in combat, more suited to doing flyover attacks, and while the Pheonix Guard and White Lions will be difficult to shift, their actual damage output is not particularly high, particularly given the small size of the White Lion unit.

Marc will struggle to get big wins with this list, and will potentially struggle in the sealed section due to his penchant for only ever playing High Elves at tournaments. 

Matt Wilson – Dark Elves - 8.8
Hellebron 310
Master, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, lance, shield, cloak of twilight, pegasus 188
Sorceress, level 2, metal, ring of hotek 165
Master, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, cold one, halberd, BSB, luckstone 124
28 witch elves, champion, standard, banner of swiftness 343
5 dark riders 80
5 dark riders shield 85
5 dark riders shield, banner 95
Repeater bolt thrower 70
Repeater bolt thrower 70
Repeater bolt thrower 70
Repeater bolt thrower 70
10 cold one knights, champion, banner 320
17 black guard, champion, muso 275
5 doomfire warlocks, champion 135

Took the warhammer world by storm 12 months ago when he turned up to the masters with a Vermin Lord. Has gone down the more boring gamey path this year by turning up with Dark Elves. This list is super strong, super flexible and will give some people absolute nightmares. Hellebron gives the list the ability to smash through units and take big wins, but the list is also excellent defensively as well.

Matt is going to be held back by his comp score though, on average Matt gives up 280vp per round, which in the enviroment of the masters where games are traditionally pretty tight can be a huge amount.

Max Kay - Wood Elves - 13.4
Spellweaver, Level 4, Lore of life, Talisman of preservation, Dispel scroll 290
Glade captain, BSB, Armour of destiny, Great weapon, 154
Spellsinger, Level 2, Lore of metal, Scroll of shielding, 130
Shadowdancer, Potion of strength 120
13 Glade guard, trueflights, Musician 205
12 Glade guard, trueflights, Musician 190
5 Glade riders starfire 115
5 Glade riders 95
34 Wildwood rangers, Banner, Musician, Champion, Banner of swiftness 419
8 Wild riders, shields 224
6 Wild riders, shields 168
5 waywatchers 100
7 waywatchers 140
Eagle 50

Max surprised almost everyone when this list was posted. Normally a player of empire, an army capable of excellent lists in Swedish comp everyone would have expected a list similar to the empire that he took last year. Every year someone gambles on swapping to something unexpected and it could be this is the year that it pays off. Historically it doesn't though, and the player finishes terribly. 

The life mage could be set for an awesome tournament. The metal mage is a great addition that will add to the army as a whole. In fact nothing in this list doesn't add value to the army, (except perhaps the 5 glade riders without any magic arrows) and if Max plays this well it is going to do well. Max probably hasn't had that many games with it though, and Wood Elves aren't really an army you can just pick up and be at top level with straight away.

The Warriors of Chaos lists are probably something Max wants to avoid, as they don't really care about a lot of the shooting, and will go to town on the Wildwood rangers, but if he can avoid them Max could be in for a strong finish.

That's it for today folks, the rest of the lists will be put up tomorrow. My favorite so far is probably Treble's though.

The ETC in Review (Part 4)

So I kinda didn't finish this. As has been pointed out before I'm very bad at losing momentum and not finishing tournament reports. I think the best way to fix this in future is to make them a bit shorter and snappier so that they don't drag on and take as long to write.

To sum up the last day of the ETC:

We played Finland, for obvious reasons I have no idea how the match ups went this round, but I got to play vamps with 20 Hexwraiths which was a sweet match up.

Then my opponent just ran at me with them, snatched the first turn without the +1 and it didn't look so good. He made a couple of small mistakes though that kept me in it, and I nearly got the 20 when I got WR into his Vampire Lords unit. 15-5 win in the end though, and a medium win for the team as well.

Round 6 was against Norway. Matchup computer ran out of battery so I just did it on the back of a piece of paper. Akhter nearly got stabbed by a viking from the mountains. Said Viking also gave my girlfriend (who was present at the time) and myself some tips on positions to conceive "strong lads".

I got to play Lizardmen, sweet matchup. Cascaded my mage turn 2, less sweet. Party Slann went to town on my army, so I lost 16-4. Lame.

I think this round was a win to us again, more importantly New Zealand lost so we finished above them.

Overall we finished 19th our of 34, so not what we wanted, but given our issues over the first few days (and in the ashes) it was an okay finish. We've failed to live up to perceived potential in the last two years though, so that is definitely something to work on.

Overall the event was a load of fun. Serbia were great hosts although the food needed serious work.

Recently (as this post is so late) I've been accepted into the Australian team for Prague '15, so we are starting to gear up for that. Its 9 months away and I'm already excited!