Thursday, 21 June 2012

Some first pictures of my Tomb Kings

So half the idea of starting this blog was to motivate me to keep painting my Tomb King army. I started this army probably 8-9 months ago with the aim of having them ready for the tournament Empire in Flames. I actually got a taste of using the Tomb Kings a bit earlier than I had initially planned as I was able to borrow Roy Diprose's fantastic Tomb King army for Cancon back in January. I managed to tank horribly with the army and finished somewhere in 30's (of a 70 something player event). I didn't think I played that badly and had a few small things go against me which turned games, and I remain optimistic of being able to use the TK's successfully.

So in the months leading up to Cancon i managed to make a start painting the army. I painted up a Warsphinx (converted using a Stegadon) as well as a chariot and a few archers. I did a lot of converting using the Warsphinx kit to build a Hierotitan that I am quite proud of, however I never did finish painting him so pictures will have to wait a little while :). I'll post some WIP pictures soon and then once he's finished (nearly there!) some completed pics.

For some reason after Cancon I just stopped painting. Maybe it was Roy's fantastic models demoralising me from painting my own, maybe it was the poor result at the event, I don't really know. Likely it was a combination of factors including the start of the soccer season and the start of university for the year.

Anyway I've finally started getting paint to brush (to model!) again so will hopefully have some more pictures to show soon. For now I leave you with pictures of what I painted last year/early this year.

The army is themed around the temple city of Rasetra which is located near the southlands. All the mounts/beasts in the army are going to be tamed lizards as described in the background for the armies of Rasetra. I'm using this as a way to bring in some real colour to the army as opposed to having purely bone/sand colours along with the blue.

My first painted chariot!

My Warsphinx/Stegadon

Close up of the beasty!

The bases I am working on at the moment for my unit of cavalry. The white bits are Hirst Arts bricks, the tiling is  "Wells" York Stone Paving.

So there you have it my first proper blog post! Hopefully more to come soon!


  1. These look really cool. Get some more work done!

  2. Another Rasetran army... Mine is looking less and less unique as the years go by :(

    1. Would it be posible to get a blog post with some updated happy snaps of how the army progressed over the past year?