Thursday, 24 October 2013

Something is Finished! Huzzah!!!

It is finally all starting to feel possible. I've finished not just one but TWO whole models. One of them has three skinks on the back, so that practically makes it 5 whole models! Watch out guys the freight train is moving now. If I keep this up I might even finish more than my planned 1000pts worth.

Okay now I'm just dreaming, perhaps the progress has made me slightly delirious, potentially that was paint fumes, but for some reason now that something is done doing the rest seems that little bit easier. Pity this realisation is coming 24 days into a 31 day challenge, but oh well.

First we will start small, I've finished the Scar Veteran on Cold One. By finished I mean I haven't touched his base. Shut up Greg, and stop thinking it as well, bases don't count. Unfortunately for the whole painting challenge thing I think they do, but we're ignoring that at the moment in the spirit of progress.

I'm fairly happy with how he has turned out. He looks fairly nice, and the highlighting on the shield really stands out. The colours in this photo seem a bit muted, I might try and take another one sometime.

The scales seem really flat in this picture. Maybe it is the fading sunlight outside...
As you've probably assumed the other thing I managed to finish was the Bastiladon, which I am glad about. He was a fairly complicated model to paint, especially given he's mostly just flat scales. But things like his back scales as well as the prism on his back just threw me a bit, I wasn't really sure how to paint them. Today I just sort of experimented with the prism until I was happy with it, luckily it didn't take as long to get right as the scales did.

I'm very happy with the prism/crystal bit!
In fact I'm quite happy with the whole model!
I was worried the blue would just be too much on such a large model, but I think it works fine and it is *very* striking. People will definitely notice this model sitting next to the table when I play games with the army, pity he won't make the tabletop but I just don't see the Bastiladon being that useful in game.

Next up on the painting table is finishing off the Stegadon, as he is worth a lot of points. Then I'll probably get started on the Temple Guard or Tetto'Eko. Both are nice models, so I'm looking forward to them!


  1. I am still thinking it... You know it to be true.

    They look good. If somewhat... incomplete.

    Oh, and you realise you can use italics and underlines and stuff on the blog, right? You don't have to emphasise things like *this*. You are a product of your generation, young whipper-snapper!

  2. We may need to add some sort of rule about things not being 'complete' until some strange and mysterious process called 'basing' has taken place next year. That or just let Greg get all hot and bothered about it.