Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fits and Starts

So I kinda stopped blogging again. I'm getting bad at that (or good at it?) which is a little bit disappointing. My last post left off in the middle of Duelling Paintbrushes around October last year, which also coincided with a dip in the amount of painting I was doing. Essentially I got busy with pathetic things like university etc that really shouldn't be taking up much of my time, ran out of time to paint stuff and hence had little to blog about. It was a shame really, in my last post I'd just started to get something done, and then it all fell apart.

Since then I've done a bit more work on my lizards. I figured out what to do about basing the army and painted up a unit of Terradons/Ripperdactyls. I even based them, so there is really nothing more to do on them, which feels a little bit weird. Throughout the last few years the majority of the models/units I have painted have been rush jobs for events and ended up unfinished, although often they are mostly completed. I've deliberately tried to avoid doing this with my Lizardmen, although this has not been entirely successful.

I decided to reverse the colours on the birdies, going with blue skin and purple as the secondary. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

I have a fancy new camera, probably need to set up a proper light-box and work on focal lengths...

This shot shows the bases in better detail...

In december I played at the Masters in Canberra. I ran Lizards and had to paint a few units up to augment the army I was borrowing from a friend. The event was relatively successful for me. I let myself get wailed on by Chris Cousens, but managed to bounce back and sneak onto the podium in third behind Jamie Payne and the new WHFB Master Haig McLisky. Both are excellent players and thoroughly deserved their placings.

I'd intended to have enough lizard stuff painted up in time for Cancon in January, but my hobby rut continued until after Christmas so I didn't get anywhere near making that target. In the end I dug out my old High Elf army, pushed a Star Dragon at people for 8 games and finished in 9th (of 125 or something like that). I only lost the one game to eventual winner Jamie Payne, who continued his fine run of form and wailed on pretty much everybody with his Brettonians.

Jamie is picking a good year to go on a run, as he'll be joining me at the ETC in Serbia in August, it will be his first ETC but I have a sneaking suspicion he is going to surprise some people over there and do very very well.

That brings us roughly up to the present, I've just gotten back from New Zealand where I played in the NZTC and the next couple of posts will concern themselves with that event, and should be up soon (I hope).

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  1. What madness is this? A blog post?

    Maybe this new camera will inspire you to update more often...