Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I'm a terrible Duellist

Unsurprisingly I'm not doing so well at Duelling Paintrbushes. Again. Much like Greg (over at the Hoodlings Hole) I never really got going, which means I basically haven't done anything, although the reasoning is a bit different.

Originally I was planning to play in an Age of Sigmar event over the weekend, so spent the first week of Octorber painting stuff for that. The stuff I was painting for that wasn't the same stuff I was going to paint for DP, so I was basically trying to cram extra stuff into an already busy month. Not to says I actually did a great deal, I failed so miserably at painting stuff for the tournament that I ended up dropping out.

So while I haven't done entirely nothing, DP progress at this point is basically nil.

What I have done in the past few weeks is:

Finish my Oldblood on Carnosaur:

Sooo many scales

Possibly if there were less scales I would get more done...

Start some Terradons (these count for DP!!!! yay progress omg)

And start the cleaning/scraping/prep work on my Heresy Dragon:
Missing: Rubber Duck, presume eaten by Dragon.
The Dragon kit was surprisingly easy to clean up given how monstrously large it is, and only one small bit needs to be bent back into place. Obviously there will be some gaps to fill but from the test fitting I've done so far this will be minimal. 

In the past I had the misfortune of putting together a unit of Avatars of War Vestals of Nemesis (Witch Elves), I easily spent more time scraping and de mould lining those than I did the dragon, which is a credit to Andy over at Heresy (and also a damning indictment of the AoW models).

Hopefully I'll have some more Dragon pics in the coming days as this is what I'm planning on working on next. As for Duelling Paintbrushes, I feel it is too late to make a comeback, and at least I look better than Greg as I have basecoated some Terradons.


  1. Resorted to comparing yourself against me, I see. Setting the bar low...

  2. You might be right on the lack of work compared to number of scales issue. Mind you I see paint on something. I was still building units last night and I still do not have my command miniature! Keep going.

    1. Forgot to say, lovely Carnosaur, really really lovely