Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The ETC in Review (Part 4)

So I kinda didn't finish this. As has been pointed out before I'm very bad at losing momentum and not finishing tournament reports. I think the best way to fix this in future is to make them a bit shorter and snappier so that they don't drag on and take as long to write.

To sum up the last day of the ETC:

We played Finland, for obvious reasons I have no idea how the match ups went this round, but I got to play vamps with 20 Hexwraiths which was a sweet match up.

Then my opponent just ran at me with them, snatched the first turn without the +1 and it didn't look so good. He made a couple of small mistakes though that kept me in it, and I nearly got the 20 when I got WR into his Vampire Lords unit. 15-5 win in the end though, and a medium win for the team as well.

Round 6 was against Norway. Matchup computer ran out of battery so I just did it on the back of a piece of paper. Akhter nearly got stabbed by a viking from the mountains. Said Viking also gave my girlfriend (who was present at the time) and myself some tips on positions to conceive "strong lads".

I got to play Lizardmen, sweet matchup. Cascaded my mage turn 2, less sweet. Party Slann went to town on my army, so I lost 16-4. Lame.

I think this round was a win to us again, more importantly New Zealand lost so we finished above them.

Overall we finished 19th our of 34, so not what we wanted, but given our issues over the first few days (and in the ashes) it was an okay finish. We've failed to live up to perceived potential in the last two years though, so that is definitely something to work on.

Overall the event was a load of fun. Serbia were great hosts although the food needed serious work.

Recently (as this post is so late) I've been accepted into the Australian team for Prague '15, so we are starting to gear up for that. Its 9 months away and I'm already excited!

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